August 28, 2014


i'm going to europe. 
rome ----> london ----> paris to be exact.
in like two months. 
i'm freakin' out!

my sister got a bunch of miles saved up and she has enough for two free round trip tickets. her husband can't take the time off work (because he's saving up his time for when their little babe comes in february (!!!) ) so she asked if i wanted to go with her. how could i refuse?? :) i am really, reeeeally sad about kyle not coming with. (i almost talked myself out of going, but kyle is the sweetest and told me i should go.)

so, now that the tickets are bought and the hotels are booked there's no going back. an my head is pretty much a nonstop checklist of things we have to get done!

if any of you guys have gone to one of those three cities (or have traveled abroad at all!) and have tips, PLEASE share them. i have no idea about making phone calls internationally and wifi and getting around and speaking the language and currency exchange and apps to have and what to pack.


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