January 10, 2011

You, Me, and Peter Makes Three.

I got into my car today and began listening to a song I've heard a hundred times. But this time was different. It clicked. It made me choke up and tears to fill my eyes. I've always felt a special connection to Peter. Like me, he was the one who always seemed to mess up, to say the wrong things. Many people have shook their heads as they read about the rooster crowing, signifying Peter's denial. Fewer people have read about his death. Peter's devotion and passion led him too to be hung on a cross upside down for the one he loved. What went through his mind in those final minutes? Maybe he was remembering fishing by Jesus' side or the last meal he had with Him. I think, like this song says, he was ready and yearning to see his Lord's face again---his friend's face. Like Peter, we all should be yearning to get to heaven, to be reunited with our friend; to be caught up in that long-awaited embrace.


and I have watched in wonder

as with a word You calmed a raging sea

I have seen You make the wine from water

mud and water made a blind man see

water still reminds me

of the seaside where our eyes first met

let it rain

Lord, we're waiting for Your rain to fall

let it rain

bringing back the wonder of it all

and I can see Your face again

when You let it rain

and I've been bathed in mercy

by every gesture, every word You've said

once I spoke of power and high position

you took a towel and washed my feet instead

water, like a promise

heaven opens, but I'm not there yet

let it rain...

I've been foolish

thought I knew it all

three times I denied Your name

Your forgiveness, like a waterfall

washes away my shame

a new dawn is breaking

another hour, and then I leave this place

I am ready, Lord, to give my life up

I'm so ready, Lord, to see Your face

water, like a promise

and in this final hour, I think my final prayer shall be

would You let it rain?

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