July 05, 2011

So I married a pyromaniac.

As I was driving home late last night with my husband, we both decided that the weekend was a weeks worth of activities crammed into three days. Absolute chaos and craziness. I LOVED it.

Our alarm went off at 5:30 Saturday morning, letting us know that it was time to get ready for the festivities. We jumped out of bed in a confused and groggy rush. Twenty madness-filled minutes later (and a quick run to the store for yummy treats), and we were with my family to the lake. We then spent the early parts of the afternoon wake-boarding (or in my case, crashing and restarting), eating, tubing, and floating on our inflatable "island." It was marvelous.

(Snapped these on the way to the lake....)

The lake festivities were immediately followed by a nap. I'm not talking about a quick, power nap. I'm talking about a crawl back into your pj's, climb into bed, and fall asleep for two hours kind of nap. Two thumbs up.

We then crawled BACK out of bed and joined my family for part II of the day. This included grilling and blowing stuff up (which happen to be two of my favorite things...so, I was happy).

(They wanted me to take a picture of them in the smoke. Those silly kids. :P)

After we ate all the yummy food our little stomachs could handle, we played the water game. Poor Amber failed. ;) 

Then OF COURSE, we lit off some fireworks. I never knew that my husband was such a pyro. I don't think he was ever without a punk or lighter this entire weekend.

Experimenting a little.

The rest of the crazy weekend was at Kyle's families property, The Land. His uncles always have a huge show on the 4th and the family goes out early to help set up...but mostly to play. :) These are a few pictures from the weekend, some highlights.

My crazy guy, blowing stuff up.
Unraveling hundreds of mortars for the show.

Cutest little Pixi I know.
Preparing to send our men off to blow stuff up and put on a pretty show!

2 comments on "So I married a pyromaniac."

  1. Ah! I'm always tempted to stop and take a pic at that old abandoned gas station! I like how the sign reads "Drive Safe - We ain't got no hospital." I also LOVE the first cloudy picture with the tent, and of course HATE my double chin in that water picture. ;-)

  2. I love all the pictures! What a fun weekend.