August 15, 2011

And It's A Great Day To Be Alive. I Know The Sun's Still Shinin' When I Close My Eyes.

Three days off + family + road trip + canoeing = a really great weekend. 

Kyle Steven and I (and my entire side of the family) went to Eureka Springs this weekend. Everything was green and hilly and rainy and there were cute little shops every where. My favorite! I could write about our adventures, but I'll just let the pictures do the talkin' as usual. ;)

Kyle and I drew the short stick and we got stuck on the pull out bed, BUT what it lacked in mattress comfort it made up for in awesome windowage. I mean LOOK at these. A trade off I'll definitely take!

This was the view from the hot tub. That's tub.

There was also a lot of reading and hacky sack....and picture taking, of course. 

Day number two was spent canoeing. We saw lots of scary things like snakes and turtles and fishies. Sadly, I couldn't bring my camera....but I do have this fun video!


After we got back, Kyle made us dinner because he is just that awesome. Here are the highlights:

*WARNING: there are some blindingly white bellies in these next shots* There's something about being on vacation that makes guys want to walk around shirt less. So don't say I didn't warn you.

 After a deliciously delicious meal, we went for a stroll.

On Sunday before we headed home, we went shopping downtown. I found something I wanted...and so did Kyle.

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