August 03, 2011

Count Blessings..Not Sheep!

Last Sunday, we were challenged by our Sunday school teacher to, instead of waking up with a list of negatives, wake up and start thinking about some positives in you life.

So, today, being my dad's birthday and all, I started thinking about him. My dad. 

Somewhere in a box in my parents attic, there's a picture. This picture is of a young, stylish looking man on a (stinkin' sweet) motorcycle. But he doesn't ride alone. Also sitting on the (beautiful) bike is a little blonde haired, wild eyed little girl. The little girl has a grin plastered on her face, because he daddy just took her for a ride. 

Somewhere in that attic is another picture. This picture is of a less adorable, more awkward (but still wild eyed) 13 year old girl. The picture holds two grinning faces, squeezing into the frame. They are at the KC Chief's game together.

If you dig a little further in that special box, you'll find another picture of this girl. She's a little older now and she's at the mall with all her team mates. She's laughing. There's another person in this picture besides too cool Freshman....there's the coach. The same coach who was there all through high school. The one who rebounded hundreds of basketballs, kept hundred of stats, talked to college after college...all for this little girl.

Not so deep in the box is a newer, shinier picture. In it, everyone is dressed fancy and they have their heads turned to an open door. In the open door is a nervous looking bride, clinging to a proud looking dad. He is walking her down the aisle. 

What pictures can't show are the million, tiny little things of my life that include my dad. The boating, the hiking, the laughing, the ghost stories, the family vacations, helping me pick out my first car, helping me with homework, the nights at the dinner table when I stole his drinks (and he pretended not to notice), the inside jokes, the fact that I got his horrible feet and his ocd-ness, the many Saturday mornings I woke up to him blasting Patsy Cline and Hootie and the Blowfish.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...I am one blessed girl. Happy Birthday, daddy. And thanks. :)

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