August 29, 2011

An Evening Full of Lessons

I am baking some delicious peanut butter treats. Kyle is sitting on the couch looking at stuff on WebMD (if your husband is anything like mine, you will not--I repeat---will not want to introduce him to this website as it will take over your evening and frighten you more than the latest horror movie.) We have some sweet tunes flowing through The Bungalow and it's about as close to perfection as I could ever ask.

I heard this saying the other day. It goes something like this

 "What if you only had today what you thanked God for yesterday?" 

It hit me pretty hard. Up to that point, I had thought of myself as a pretty thankful person, but when I thought of it like that I realized how many things I let go by without a second thought. I tend to let my prayers be filled with wants and needs, and while those are just as important....I often forget that I need to equally praise God MORE than I whine and beg.

So, here is my top ten thankful list for this evening:

1. My husband. My very best friend who can change my whole world with a single glance. The guy who is constantly amazing, challenging, and loving me. And he goes grocery shopping with me...I mean, HELLLOOO! Wonderful? I think so.

2. Food to fill our bellies. I have a pantry full of goodness, where others have not.

3. A roof to protect us and a bed to rest us.

4. A family that literally is the best. How did I get so lucky to get a family full of my dearest friends?

5. Air-conditioning..without which I would probably be dead....or maybe just severely grumpy.

6. God's love and patience, even when I whine and groan and want want want.

7. A job in a world full of un-employment. Perfectly supplied in my need. God is good.

8. Iced coffee and peanut butter bars. Come on...they had to make my Monday list. :)

9. Two good feet. Ever since Kyle hurt his toe last week, I've realized how much a pain even one injured toe can be.

10. Beautiful, hot, sunny, crazy summer weather. Love it, hate it. Either way, I'm thankful for it.

What are YOU guys thankful for? Does your list outweigh your "request" list?

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