August 04, 2011

On Second Thought....

My parents attic door is like the closet into Narnia. It leads to a world full of mystery, surprise, and sometimes scary things. The only thing missing is the talking, dancing Faun.

Last night, I ventured up into the attic and started digging around. I found a bright purple and green trunk (back from mine and Am's groovy stage in life) filled with dolls and teddy bears. I found a crazy lamp (see what I mean about "scary things"?). 

I also found a project for me. Remember these? Well, I already have a few of these pinwheels here and there decorating The Bungalow, but my sister-in-law, Kayla, had given me an idea for what to do with these guys. I snatched a few and took them home. I quickly detached the pinwheel from the stick part and arranged them into a pattern. They were still nice and poofy from being used as pinwheels so I had to use the good ol' Strong's concordance. I stuck that on top and left it there for a couple hours, until they were good and squished.

To quote the Jackson 5 "ABC...Easy as 123...Simple as Do Re Mi."

Also, in an earlier post, I mentioned going to some garage sales and picking up some goodies. Well, I found this gem of a frame for $2! The original plan was to sand it down and paint it light pink to go with the collage in my bedroom. However, once I started sanding, I saw that there was a greenish-blue color under the yellow, aaaannd I really liked it. I thought it would be a shame to paint over it. So, yellow/blue it shall stay. 

So, I combined my frame and my pinwheel cutouts. Perfect match.

Not too shabby!

Also...just for fun. Here's a picture that makes me smile.

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