August 11, 2011

Pre-Fall Jitters

The weather was absolutely marvelous yesterday. I mean, wowza. Makes me long for fall. I am a fall/spring kinda girl. I mean, I love me some summer times at the pool and lake and winter times snuggled up or sledding; but nothing compares to the in-between weathers. In Fall the air smells delicious and crisp. The leaves are all wonderful colors and people buy pumpkins.

Speaking of pumpkins. Who decided that they only get their moment in the sun one month out of the year, when they have so much goodness?? Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin soup...all wonderful things. I think pumpkins have been down graded to jack-o-lanterns and people aren't experiencing their true potential.

Anyways...back to fall. There are scarves and long sleeve shirts and camping and going to the climbing wall and football...I could go on, but I think you get the point. Fall wins.

Another thing about Fall is it begins my indoor project time. I love doing projects all year around, but there are some that are better left to Fall and Winter.

So, here is a list of my Fall time projects (so far).

1.Crocheting a pillow for my living room.

2. Making some pinpoints/cross stitchings for my "Kyle and Julia" wall. I want to frame one and then just hang one up in the circle thing still because I think it's cute.

3. Knitting a scarf, hat, and possibly a pair of arm warmers.

4. Making some scarves out of old shirts.

5. And this last one isn't exactly a craft, but I want to make more cakes. Bundt cakes, layered cakes, tiny cakes, fondant cakes....all kinds. I'm bad about doing a lot of baking in the summer because I like to be outside doing things.

Happy List #303
Visiting with old friends.

My childhood friend Alex, and her husband Alex, are moving to Ohio. So, they decided to stop by on their way through. It was great just getting to catch-up and reminisce with her.

5 comments on "Pre-Fall Jitters"

  1. Those cakes look SOO yummy! I'm all in for a cake baking day!

  2. Oh, how I long for fall too! I'm SO ready for it (but I'm also enjoying this awesome weather today/yesterday!).

  3. Amber, I know! I had to stop myself from posting more pictures. I knew I could count on you for cake day. ;)

    Alina, it HAS been amazing! I told Kyle that this weather is how heaven is gonna be 'cause it was perfect!

  4. I want to make shirt scarves with you!

  5. Definitely, Kayla!! We can make it on a Survivor night while the boys play on their ipads. :)