August 16, 2011

The Sound...of Silence.


I've been cleaning and organizing today so I have lots of thoughts floating around. So, I apologize in advance if it's hard to keep up.

Today is what I like to call a "Simon and Garfunkel" kind of day. I mean, sometimes you just need to stare at the ceiling and listen to some tunes. So, give this a quick listen and then hopefully we'll be on the same page. Go know you're curious.

Alright, now that you and I are on the same brainwave....we can begin.

A couple weeks ago I talked to you guys about Treasure Hunting. One of the things I mentioned picking up was an end stand. I snagged it for $3. 

I've been picking up this style of furniture when spotted at garage sales and Goodwills and I finally have a "matching" set. Dresser, bookshelf, end stand, bed frame. I have been debating for some time whether to paint them white. I love the wood look, but I want an all white bedroom with light grey and light pink accents. SO, as you can see. A dilemma I have. 

However, this end stand was the changing piece. It had what I like to call a blemish....a burn mark from previous owners. 

It was right on top for all the world to see too. Poor thing. I decided to experiment with this piece and paint it white, to see if it's the look I want. So I sanded it down (praise the Lord for electric sanders...they are awesome); and painted it a couple times. 

I really like the way it turned out, but I always like the white aged look. It's being put to use as a side table in the living room until I move things around and relocate it in the bedroom. Anyways! Here's the finished product.

Thoughts? Good? Bad? 

Happy List #307 

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