August 22, 2011

Wake Up Call

This morning at the break of dawn, I got a call. It woke me up.

This is how it went:

Kyle: Hey!
Me: *mumble mumble*
Kyle: There is the biggest rainbow outside! It goes all the way across!!
Me:....long pause as I try to make sense of what he's saying.
Kyle: Julia, it's huge! It touches on both sides!
Julia: ...finally piecing it together....that's awesome! Take a picture with your phone!
Kyle: I tried, but it's not very good.
Julia: That sucks! You should go find us a pot of go----
Julia: Really?
Kyle: Oh my gosh, Julia...this is awesome!!
Julia: *laughter* do you know who you sound like?
Kyle: *chuckle* Yes, but I don't care! It's so awesome!

That was the gist of our conversation. It made me laugh quite a bit...which honestly isn't hard to do, especially when I'm half asleep. If you are totally lost as to who Kyle "sounds like", then you need to stop listening to iTunes/Pandora or flipping between other pages stop what you're doing and watch this. It will change your life. Okay maybe not, but it will make you laugh.

Happy List #494
A big ol' bowl of sugary cereal.

3 comments on "Wake Up Call"

  1. I saw that double rainbow. I'd have to agree with Kyle that it was quite awesome, very bright.

  2. I saw that rainbow too; it was beautiful. There was this old lady sitting out on her porch in the complex next to ours when I walked out and she was like, "hey! yoo-hoo! do you see that rainbow?" I was like, "yeah, it's a beautiful thing to wake up to!" andddd....... no response. ever. again. So awkward.

  3. Laura, that made me laugh out loud. That's right. I LOL'd.

    p.s. how comes I didn't know you had a blog??