September 14, 2011

For keeps.

Baby Jake is fast asleep. I just finished some delicious lunch, and now I'm watching "Fireproof."

I first saw this movie in theaters with Kyle. We were dating at the time, but even then it really got to me. And now that I'm married, it speaks to me even more.

Marriage is the second most important commitment Kyle and I will ever make. Second only to our salvation.

The world likes to make us think that marriage is just a simple decision like which college we're going to or what car we should purchase...and if we don't like it, we can just switch. Oh how wrong they are.

Marriage is for always. Your spouse is for keeps.

Marriage isn't something that is easy all the time or like a fairytale. It's like a seed. It takes time, patience, care, love, and commitment to keep it healthy.  Along with everything else, you need protection. No marriage is fireproof. Every day you have to shield yourself from the world and keep building up your relationship.

So, remember how important your relationship with your spouse is. Take the necessary safe-guards. Don't put yourself in silly situations...instead put your whole self into learning, memorizing, and cherishing everything about your spouse.

So, here's to you Kyle Steven. You have my whole heart and all of my time, effort, and love.

p.s. happy list #499
stepping on crunchy leaves

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