October 13, 2011

There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters. Blessing # 4

"Are you guys twins?"

"You two are so much alike!"

"Wow...you two are crazy!"

"You tell her everything, don't you?"

....These sentences (and any variation) are what I grew up hearing. The masses were, of course, talking about my sister. If you don't know who that is, it's the person in all my childhood pictures who is dressed exactly like me (except in green and I was in pink. DUH! ;) ); the person I shared rooms with my entire childhood; and the person who was in an ultra secret club with me (including secret language).

...Today is my big sisters birthday, and I just wanna say happy birthday! You are the Lucy to my Ethel....er wait. Maybe your the Ethel to my Lucy? Either way, by myself I would be lost, un happy, and stomping on grapes/stuffing my bra with chocolates just wouldn't be as funny.

Thank you for being ready to talk to me and give me advice....and thanks for accepting me for me. For always being ready to do something crazy with me, rather than shake your head and think I'm nuts.

Amber Rue! I LITERALLY love you...more than anything.

1 comment on "There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters. Blessing # 4"

  1. I love all of your sweet pictures of you two together. Sister are the best, aren't they?