October 25, 2011

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

What a beautiful day! This weather makes me want to jump up and down and sing....I think that would ruin it for everyone else though, so I won't.

So lately, Kyle and I have been biking. I usually try to bike a lot, but Kyle hasn't had a bike (until we recently hijacked my brother's) so he hasn't joined me. He's finally gotten the bug though. YESSS. Victory! The other morning we went to garage sales on our bikes. We got some kitchen gadgets (can never have too many of those), golf balls, and some wooden spools. Exciting times. ;)

In other news! It's almost Thanksgiving! Crazy how this year is flying by. This year for Thanksgiving Kyle and I decided to join my side of the family on a road trip to Mississippi. There's a family reunion going on down there...so it should be very interesting. :) If you've ever been to Mississippi, than you'll understand what I mean. It is really like a whole other world down there. It's like I step back in time every time I go down there. I love it. If you've never been down South, you don't know what you're missing. Greasy food; Southern slang; second (and third and fourth) cousins named Billy Ray, Bobby Ray, and Ed; four-wheeling; hunting; and lots of hugs.

In other, other news, I'm selling some lenses. I want to upgrade. I like prime lots better...so I've been stealing my sister's lenses. (I guess my siblings have all the hook-ups!) Anyways, if any of you guys are interested in some good starter lenses (for Nikon, of course), let me know! :) And be prepared to finally get some good pictures on this blog once my new lens gets here!

Happy List #455 fun, new apps on my phone.

2 comments on "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

  1. I'm jealous of you and your prime lenses! Someday I'm going to get myself a good DSLR camera and go to town. Or I'll re-learn film. And buy better equipment for that, too.

  2. Prime lenses are WONDERFUL. Don't know how I went so long without using them. Buuuut, they are super expensive. So, I got to get them llittle by little. :PI'm wanting to get a good film camera as well, and learn how to use a dark room. That would be sweet!