December 12, 2011


I love giving Christmas gifts. I love searching, hunting, making, and bargaining for the perfect gift. The one that makes people's eyes light up. However, I also suffer from what I like to call Holiday Season Anxiety. You know what I'm talking about....

It's the annual work/family/church Christmas party and you drew the guy from third shift you've said hi to once. There starts the anxiety. (What to get? What to get?!)

So, after fretting about it for a week or two, you decide on a gift card. Everyone loves those, right? (...RIGHT!??) But then you think maybe...just maybe that person hates gift cards. They think they're too generic and not heartfelt, and the anxiety builds.

Then comes the day of the party. You've managed to put the thought of the gift exchange far from your mind as you've busied yourself with other more exciting holiday traditions. (like mistletoe ;) )

...but as you drive to the party you take a glance at the passenger seat, and there sits the envelope. The envelope that has caused so much worry. You say to yourself to suck it up 'cause there's nothing you can do about it now! And you do....well, kind of.

You get to the party and mingle and sooner than you'd like someone announces that it's time to open gifts. You quickly volunteer to give yours first (let's get it overwith!). You hand over your present and watch for the long anticipated response. He goes with the head nod and smile and "sweet." That means he likes it, right!? You decide it does and let out a sigh of relief. You begin to relax, but you quickly remember the one thing worst than giving an unsure gift, is opening one.

BAM! The fear and anxiety is back with a frenzy.

You glance under the tree and see a small green and red package with your name scribbled on it. You begin to think of all the things that the could be inside. You decide to start going over your "reaction"...just in case.

Surprise? Too predictable. Clapping your hands with excitement? Too over the top. The classic "oh! I love it!"? Too over used. You come up with nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Before you know it, it's your turn. You decide to just wing it and see what happens. You open it and smile. Say you love it and thank you, and just like that---it's over. You let out a long sigh and do a mental happy dance that all went well.

So, anxiety, worry, and fear lurk in the darkness waiting until the next Christmas bash to attack again.

Happy List #350
Cuties. :)

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