January 04, 2012

Bible In A Year: Chronologically

Heyo! It's after 5pm and the sky is still light! YES. I just did a happy dance. You know that's right!

Light= happiness; Darkness=grumpy Julia.

As you guys know I'm going to read the Bible chronologically this year. I'm pretty stinkin' excited about it! It's something I've never done before and I think it'll be pretty interesting! Have any of you guys done that before? If you want to tag along and do it with me, here is the daily reading list! :)

Oh and another thing that is way awesome is the Daily Bible app. It gives me daily verses and I can also have it read aloud in different versions of the Bible. (HeellloooOoO, 2012!)  AND it's free. Can't beat that. Seriously. Free+Bible= unbeatable.

7 comments on "Bible In A Year: Chronologically"

  1. Sounds like quite the under-taking!
    One of the authors on my reading list that I posted has been Tweeting summaries of chapters in the Bible, one chapter a day. She takes a fairly lighthearted approach to it, and I quite enjoy reading it. (I've only been following for a couple of months, though, so I've missed several books. She's in Jeremiah.) http://twitter.com/#!/janariess

    Also, the days getting longer is the best thing ever. Oh, sunlight, I need you! No more of these short days!

  2. Oooh!  That twitter person thingy sounds good. I'll have to check her out! But, yeah...with all my other readings and studies going on it'll be quite the load, but I enjoy it. :) Plus, it's better than watching tv....maybe? :P

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  4. Probably better than most TV. Haha.
    For me, more reading would be better than always being on the internet...

  5. Have you heard of Bible in 90 Days? http://www.biblein90days.org/
    I feel like that will be a huge undertaking, just because it's a lot to read in a short time, but I think that I want to try it!

  6. Yeah, I have heard of it! I'm hoping to do it next year actually. Thought about this year, but like you said a HUGE undertaking. I'm sure it would be very beneficial though!

    Have you ever read through chronologically?

  7. I haven't. I actually don't think I've ever read it through in it's entirety.