January 31, 2012

.spoon me.

Yay for color! I love color. Our apartment is filled with all different colors because I can never just pick one. I saw these painted wooden spoons floating around Pinterest this week, and fell in love. I thought I'd share how I made my own!

Get your spoons and a handy dandy paintbrush...I ended up switching to a waaaay smaller brush 'cause it went on better because of the thin handles.

I decided how much I wanted the handle to be painted for each spoon. (I didn't do too much because I don't want the painted part getting into our food! ;) ) Then I used tape to make the line around the spoon. (Sadly I didn't get a picture of that exactly cause I was too busy paintin'!) 

Then I stuck them upside down in cups to dry. 

After I had given them each two coats of paint and let them dry over night, I sprayed them with some magic...for a little protection. I don't believe this will make it dishwasher safe, by any means, but most wooden spoons aren't anyways.

First, I put a ziplock over the spoon part and sealed it with tape real good so none of that toxic stuff would get on the food touching end. Then I sprayed away.

And there you have it! Pretty!

5 comments on ".spoon me."

  1. Jaclyn Cage1/31/12, 2:11 PM

    I likey!! Thanks for sharing. I am really digging your posts lately. :)

  2. ohhhhh!!! Pretty!!!! That would make a killer housewarming gift too.

  3. Thanks, Jaclyn! :) It was part of my New Years Goals to start focusing on my blogging! I've been enjoying your posts as well. :)

  4. Jaclyn Cage2/2/12, 12:44 AM

    That's what I'm doing too. Yay for us blogging more!!