February 17, 2012

.hum along.

So, I have several pieces of good news' and I have one piece of bad news.

(which more resembles random thoughts in my head):


I've started a new book called The Bell Jar. It's about a young girl who slowly loses her mind and gets put into an insane asylum. Hhhmm. It doesn't sound great when I tell it like that. It sounds horrible, but it's actually really good. The author puts humor in it and plus the book is a pretty popular book so I wanted to check it off the list. :) I just love new books.

The birthday countdown has BEGUN. Only 17 more days!! Get excited people.

I got to check something off The List this week!! I made my own bread! Technically it was Flat Bread (more on that to come), but I had to knead it and let it rise and all that fancy stuff, so we're counting it! 

Tomorrow we are making homemade mini pizzas and I'm pretty darn excited about it. (pizza always does that to me.)

Kyle's doing our tax returns this weekend. Not sure if this should be in the Good News category or the Bad....

This weekend I am making Thin Mints. If I had known this miracle was possible, I would have done it a whole lot sooner.


My computer is on the fritz. I turned it on this morning and it started making this very loud, very awful vibrating/humming noise. All the usual remedies haven't helped (ie kicking it, talking very nicely to it, threatening it, pressing ctrl+alt+del ten times....). With that said,  I can't edit any pictures at the moment. (The files are so big it takes everything my computer has to load the pictures and run Photoshop). What this leads to is...no Photo of the Week today. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll know what's wrong with my computer and we'll be golden. I know you guys are sooo torn up about this, but hang in there. ;)

I don't have instagram like the cool kids, but these are some of my recent cell phone pictures. :) 

1. Proof of my addiction to Caramel Mochas from Panera. 2. Gourds freak me out....no matter what pretty colors they are. 3. Jake loves his hymnal. Even calls it his "Bible." 4. Blueberry Mint Lemonade. 5. Valentines Road Trip. :) 6. Kansas has got some beautiful sunsets! 7. Kyle trying on my reading glasses. Sexy. :) 8. Jake dancing to NeedtoBreath. :) 

Have a lovely weekend, guys! 

2 comments on ".hum along."

  1. Ugh, computer problems are the worst. Alex's computer died earlier this week (perhaps for forever?) and mine had a virus last week. Annoying!

    I love making homemade pizza. I need to do it again sometime!

    Also, I did my taxes a couple of weeks ago. It was such a pain! We had 5 jobs to put in info for, and 2 states to file in. Blah. Next year should be easier (*fingers crossed*).

  2. They are the worst! I'm thinking MAC's would be worth the money simply for the virus protection! 

    Haha...we had 5 jobs to put in as well, but at least we didn't have 2 states to file in. That would be SO confusing!