February 24, 2012

p.6 clean

Aaaaah. Finally. :) So sorry about last week, friends! With Valentines Day, KC trip, aaaand a suicidal computer....my week went by in a flash and I forgot about the weekly photo. Anyways! We are back on track now!

This weeks photo is supposed to represent "clean." Huh. My mind was blank. I called my sister (she's real good about helping me out when my brains gone dead). We brain stormed and we came up with bubbles. :) I love bubbles. They are happy and fun...and clean! And there you have it! 

Any exciting weekend plans? I have a wedding to go to on Sunday and since Kyle is a groomsman, those types of festivities will be taking over our weekend! Fun, fun! 

3 comments on "p.6 clean"

  1. Anna G Michaelson2/24/12, 7:57 PM

    Love it J! Super cool 

  2. super impressive how you captured the bubbles.

    also. dude. your photos rock.  i loved looking at some of your old posts.  so much beauty for the soul.


  3. Thanks! I had to take about a million blurry ones to get these, but it was fun. ;) 

    Thank you so much for the kind words. :) It's always so encouraging when people like my photos.