February 13, 2012

.road trip.

This weekend Kyle and I took a trip to Kansas City (to celebrate Valentines Day)...and by Kansas City, I mean Nebraska. Yeah, we're really good at directions. The bad news is it took us seven hours (over double what it should have taken...oooops.) to finally get to our destination. The good news is we didn't care. More singing, talking, and dancing for us. :) We spent our time eating yummy Chik-Fil-A and shopping around (trying not to let our eyes pop out of heads when we saw the price tags in some stores) and just enjoying being together. It was wonderful.

2 comments on ".road trip."

  1. Hi Julia...your trip sounded like fun!  Whenever we take a wrong turn or get lost sometimes I always think of it as a little adventure!  You and Kyle make a cute couple...and I am sure you are making memories to last a lifetime, and that's what marriage should be....a fun journey through life together.  I loved these pictures....especially the one of the fields with the sun peeking through in the background.  And the picture of that house was neat.  One of my favorite things is to take road trips.  This post reminds me that John and I need to take one soon!   I love to blog.  I have been doing it for about 3 years now.  It is a good way to journal.  I am following your blog now. (:>)
    Have a lovely day!

    Linda Hogeland

  2. The trip was a lot of fun! I kept telling Kyle that it's not like we got lost...we just went on an an adventure. :) Those type of trips are the best. (What fun is it if everything goes according to plan? ;) ) Thanks for the comment and for reading my blog! I love knowing that people are enjoying my thoughts and pictures. Have a good rest of your week! :)