February 14, 2012

.to my valentine.

dear, husband.

I love you. I love your smile, your grumpy face, your laugh, the way you mumble in your sleep, the way you know just when to grab my hand, the way you catch my eye across the room. I love your excited face. I love how you always think you beat me at "slug bug," the way you defend me, protect me, and the way you love me. I love your crazy morning hair. I love the way you are a tooth brushing nazi. I love that you don't get embarrassed when I scream and shout and cheer at your pick up basketball games. I love that you still look over at me after you make a shot. I love all your business ideas and all your ideas for our future. I love that you love bull dogs so much. I love that you eat carrots like candy. I love that you always look out for me and the way you sacrifice for me. I love the way you love your family. I love the way your face gets when you get angry. I love that you use a straight razor to shave. I love the way you make up lyrics to songs. I love that no one can make me laugh like you. I love that you're dependable and I love that you respect my ideas. I love that you love grey shirts. I love that you are loyal and faithful and only have eyes for me. I love that you love Jesus. I love that you are never satisfied with where you are spiritually. I love that you read my blog. I love the way you look at me. I love that you don't think it's silly when I get emotional about movies, books , or songs. I love how I can barely remember a time in my life that you weren't a part of. I love that you get along with my dad. I love the way you get excited when you think about having kids. I love your passion, and your singing voice, and your ping-pong skills. I love that you're my valentine for life.

the lucky one.

3 comments on ".to my valentine."

  1. Cynthia Barger2/14/12, 9:03 AM

    ....and Julia, I love you for loving my son that way! Have a good day, you two!

  2. So sweet :)

    I love those pictures! Did you take them?