February 15, 2012


What a foggy, groggy, blah kind of day! Jake is feeling a little under the weather (which naturally makes me feel a little blue), the weather is grey and wet, and my book (The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath) is kinda sad. Kinda just a pitiful afternoon! I just keep looking at these pictures of my Tulips and it cheers me right up. Tulips are so happy and pretty and just all around wonderful. TAKE THAT, FOG!

So, I've been on a youtube kick lately. I don't normally sit and watch videos, but some friends showed me some funny ones and I can't help myself! So, if you're bored, feeling grey, or just want to laugh, here are some of my recent favs. :)

1. Kid History. (Some kids repeat stories that their parents told them & then the parents make a video. Hilarious!)
2. Julian Smith. (Always awesome.)
3. Good Mythical Morning. (Daily vids that crack me up.)
4. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On #2. (There is a #1, I just think this one is funnier.)

p.s. later this week, I'm gonna share some yummy recipes from the Valentine's dinner Kyle and I had!
p.s.s don't forget about our photo shoot giveaway! it's an awesome deal and you can still get put in the drawing!

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