March 15, 2012

.appetizer night.

Sometimes I want to eat Hummus, and Kyle wants to eat Sushi. Sometimes I want to eat cheese and Kyle wants to eat fried rice. Usually we just come to an agreement, throw in a frozen pizza, and call it good. Other times, we can't shake the cravings and we end up having what we call Appetizer Night. And oh is it good. We  walk the grocery store aisle an pick up this and that..whatever we feel like, and we have a smorgasbord of a feast.

p.s. later this week, I've got possibly the easiest recipe for homemade bread...maybe even the easiest recipe period. aaand a tutorial for an awesome frame I made. Happy Thursday!

4 comments on ".appetizer night."

  1. Mmm, sounds like fun!
    Alex and I couldn't decide what to do for dinner tonight, so we're going to Subway in a few minutes. Haha.

  2. Appetizer Night!!! 

    P.S. How do I always make the worst faces just in time for the camera shutter to capture it forever??? NO!!!

  3. I guess maybe I should start wearing makeup and doing my hair, haha.

  4. Whatevs. You look cute. But it probably wouldn't hurt to run a brush through every once in a while. ;) HAH. jk