March 22, 2012

.our story.

I love reading couples' stories. I love hearing how they met, how they fell in love, and all the ups and downs in between. I just love love.  I really do. When I see people in love it makes me think of the love in my life...which is an overwhelming amount.

As I started thinking about "our story," I realized I hadn't ever really written it out. Oh sure, I've got journals FULL of Kyle's name (from "I met this really cool boy today" to "man....Kyle winked at me tonight...*swoon*" to "...we're getting married!"), but I'd never really told it to someone. This is a shame, because, while it may not be the most exciting story to some, it's my most favorite story and, most importantly, it's ours.

So, if you are just as head over heels for love as I am, feel free to drop by here next Thursday and we can begin this story together.

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  1. this post was useless in its entirety. 

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