March 27, 2012

.i wanna be in the club.

Soon....very soon I will be a part of the instagram group, but for now I have to take my cell phone pictures flying solo. :) Here is what my month has looked like through the eye of my phone.

1.GREEN. 2. A couple of our friends got married this month, and this chapel was attached. So pretty! 3. A nearby park Little Man and I visit often. 4. Fish tacos! 5. We had a revival at church last week. It was so so good. So many great reminders for life. 6. Hunger Games came out this weekend! We had a group of 14+ go and we were first in line. Ya, we are nerds and we don't care. :) 7. It's finally warm enough to wear skirts/sundresses to church! YES! 8. Pear Trees. Stinky, but beautiful. 9. Frisbee Golf! Kyle and I have a course about two blocks from The Bungalow so we go a lot. 10. My first glimpse of Spring. 11. Mine and Kyle's new favorite game to play together. Carcassonne. 12. Little Man and I have been going on lots of walks, soaking up the delicious rays. I love that little blonde head. 13. Roadtrip with my favortie guy. :) 14. Flowers for my birthday from my wonderful husband. 15. More GREEEEN! 16. I have cold so I've been drinking lots of Throat Coat Tea. Amazing stuff.

2 comments on ".i wanna be in the club."

  1. BARBIEBOMBSHELL.COM3/28/12, 3:49 PM

    hey miss saw you on a friends page and wanted to say i love your blog!
    would you like to follow eachother ?

  2. Aw! Thanks!! Why, yes, I'd love to check out your blog! :) The url you used isn't working, however. :(