March 12, 2012

.just lil ol' me.

1. Kyle and I walked into Dillons yesterday morning and we were greeted by a cluster of girls asking the World's Best Question, "Would you like to buy some cookies?"  It is actually embarrassing how we reacted. It was everything short of throwing a ticker tape parade in their honor. I actually gave them a thumbs up. A thumbs up, people! What am I...bringing the 90's back!?! (You see, we thought we had missed our Girl Scout cookie buying opportunity. All of our friends and families and had been receiving boxes of these wonderful treats and we hadn't seen one single stand....yeah, it put us in a depression. So what!?) We've all reacted that way when it comes to Girl Scout cookies, right?...RIGHT?!

2. I was laying in bed one morning and it hit me. The ohmygoshicantgetpregnentbecause"..." panic. We've all been there. My " .... " of choice that morning was the realization that I won't be able to cut my toenails or paint them...or heck, even see them! I thought "Oh my gosh...I'll have to ask Kyle to cut my toenails!" No. No. NO."  Please tell me I'm not the only one that was afraid of that! (Oh...and I'm not pregnant. ;) )

3. I think Kyle has split personality. One for the day time and one for when he is sleeping. Some times he wakes up, jumps out of bed, and asks where all the people went. Sometimes he tells me to lower my voice or else "they'll" hear us. Sometimes he talks about starting a gang with the mob. Like any good wife would do during these times, I laugh and try to record him until he wakes up.

4. Today, I hit the 1800 mark on Pinterest. My first thought was that I might need help with this addiction. My second thought was "more...mooore. MOOOOORE."

5. I've learned how to make these "color schemes." I don't know when they'd ever come in handy, but I don't care. I love it.

6. Kyle and I are starting Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. We are really excited! We've already been sticking to a budget and saving money, but I feel like this will be much more than that. I think it will help us invest our money more wisely and help us be better stewards of God's money. Have any of you guys done his class?

7. Today I am starting my "it's almost summer, and I need to get in shape" training. Nothing fancy, just running three days a week and some muscle toning. (Yeah, first day in and I'm already trying to get out of it. :P)

8. On the side of my blog was a Jane Austen quote "Let others' pens dwell on guilt and misery." I adore this quote. It's been kinda my blog's theme. A reminder to me to be encouraging and not a complainer. BUT I'd been itching for a new quote up there and today I saw the perfect one (thanks to my wonderful friend, Lisa). my "theme" is to not go mad write, write, write.

9. IT'S SPRING!!! It's supposed to be almost 80 degrees today. Get outta town! I love Spring, but I hate being in that it's-warm-enough-to-wear-shorts-but-my-legs-are-so-white-i-might-blind-someone time of year.  Julia=white...Julia in the Sping=translucent. Seriously. I asked Kyle if I could tan a little bit and he said "No way! I don't want you getting cancer! don't need it." And that is why I love him. Because boy do I need it. You can see all my veins, people!

10. I'm off to go run...or eat some's anybody's guess at this point.

9 comments on ".just lil ol' me."

  1. ""Oh my gosh...I'll have to ask Kyle to cut my toenails!" No. No. NO."  "

    Hahahaha! I have NEVER had that thought before, but that was awesome.

    I am so very pale, but I've learned to ignore it. Plus, there isn't any time to think about that when I can be using all my attention to think about how it's pretty much spring now. happy for spring that I could skip.

    I keep seeing color schemes on Pinterest and while they intrigue me, they also intimidate me.

    You go run, and I'll go do laundry. (Yuck.)

  2. Love it. All of it.

  3. Hahah oh no. I think I'm alone in that fear, but come on! It's legitimate! ;)

    Laundry is my least favorite thing! Kyle is always awesome and does it for me!! Yay!

  4.  It IS legitimate, and now I share the same fear. There's no way I'd ever let my husband cut my toenails.
    I don't mind laundry (but Alex & I trade off anyway). My big thing is that I don't clean showers :P

  5. Hahaha, you crack me up. That's right---you will be asking KYLE to cut your toenails. 

    And you must show me how to make that color scheme. It looks fun.

  6. I'll show you next time you're over. It's super easy! 

  7. Hannah_Dugger4/15/12, 5:56 PM

    "Oh my gosh...I'll have to ask Kyle to cut my toenails!" No. No. NO."

    hahaha. Julia. I had this exact thought/panic this morning and remembered this post. it IS legitimate. you're not alone.

    [and I'm not pregnant either.] lol miss ya!

    oh!! and Happy Anniversary!! :)

  8. HAHA! I read this and laughed pretty hard. I'm so glad someone else shares my panic/fear. I told Kyle about it and he just laughed like it was no big deal. What the what!? ;) 

    I miss you! I heard a rumor you may be coming down for a visit soon? Please say yes! If you aren't swapped visiting people you, me, kay, and karen should definitely hang out!