March 29, 2012

.the unknown.

There's something special about the unknown. The guessing and speculating and wondering. Remember when we were in that stage, Kyle? We began our journey about ten years ago as friends. You spent many an afternoon at our house, playing with my brother, eating dinner with my family, playing basketball in our driveway.

Then one day...out of the blue, something crazy happened. When you looked at me, my heart would flutter a little. I knew it was written all over my face. I tried to hide it from you, but I've never been very good at keeping things from you.

I was sure you would think I was a silly girl, but I hoped anyways that you felt the same. I analyzed every little thing that happened between us. Every look, every action.

After one of our basketball games, I gave you a high five. The high five. That high five changed everything. Hours I spent thinking about that high five. You let your hand linger on mine for just a couple extra seconds...but it was enough. I was on the moon.

This began our crazy "just friends" relationship. Years of "does he like me?" "surely he knows I like him??" "why is talking to herrrr??" It was a fun, but slightly headachy stage. Wouldn't you agree?

Then one afternoon you asked me to meet you at the park. You told me you had liked me for some time and I echoed your thoughts as well. You said you were tired of being "just friends" and that you wanted to take me on a date. Outside I acted "mature" and composed, but inside I was doing kart wheels. FINALLY. 

And thus began the next step in our relationship.....

Part II 

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4 comments on ".the unknown."

  1. Jaclyn Cage3/29/12, 6:04 PM

    Adorable and well written. :) Makes me think of my "just friends" relationship that I had with my boyfriend.

  2. Ahh, cute! :D
    My husband and I did the "just friends" thing, but only for 2 years. And I realized I was crazy for him about 6 weeks before we started dating, so there wasn't quite as much wondering. But it's still so exciting and nerve-wracking!

  3. happiness.is_sara3/30/12, 1:31 PM

    i hate the "just friend" stages...but good things come to people that wait:)

  4. Thanks so much, Sara! And you are so right...good things do come to those who wait. The very best things actually. :)