April 09, 2012

.my week through instagram.

1. a cute little shed we saw on our bike ride. 2. the cutest little blonde head i know. 3. a back-alley way. 4. how lucky am i? 5. greeeen treees. 6. Squeeks Donuts...a weekend tradition. 7. you deserve a donut. 8. a local used book store. 9. rainy weekends at home with my man. :) 10. easter ears. 11. 7 layer salad for Easter brunch. 12. our 1st Easter together. <3 that guy.

2 comments on ".my week through instagram."

  1. happiness.is_sara4/9/12, 6:23 PM

    julia! i nominated you for an award! come check it out on my blog! www.happiness-is-sara.blogspot.com/

  2. Jaclyn Cage4/10/12, 6:02 PM

    This is cute. I got instagram now too!