April 30, 2012

.mini monday.

Once again it is Mini Monday. It's been kinda fun to look at my cell phone pictures from week to week. It really captures what my weekend is like. ha! I read that you should try and take ten cell phone pictures a day and that will help you expand your horizons. SO, I'm gonna attempt that. We'll see. Some days I'm lucky to remember to take one! Also, is the font I've been using to describe these pics too small? I worry about that...

1. Kyle's salsa recipe. We pretty much always have this salsa made up in our fridge. Always. 2. One of my favorite antique stores. Oddly enough, this is the one we go to the most, but the one I buy things at the least. 3. Jake-Jake playing in the sand. Being the wild one he is. :) 4. Sun shining through my window on a drive across town. 5. Home-grown carrots. Yum! 6. KINFOLK MAGAZINE! Talk about doing a happy dance when I got this in the mail! 7. Braids. 8. Porch time at my parents. I love it. 9. Vine infested barns are the best. 10. A burned down shack. 11. Rubble. 12. It is always greener on the other side! ;)

4 comments on ".mini monday."

  1. Nicole Strain4/30/12, 2:33 PM

    It's a little bit tiny for me, but I could just actually put my glasses on and it may be just right!

  2. Cynthia Barger4/30/12, 2:38 PM

    It is too tiny for me....but I am over forty. haha

  3. Nice pics, sis! I would agree with Nicole and Cynthia. Just make it the same font as the rest of your writing. ;-) Good jorb!

  4. The font has been fixed, ladies. Thanks for the feedback. :)