April 16, 2012

.my week through instagram.

This weekend was mine and Kyle's first anniversary. Wowza. Weren't we just saying "I do"?? I will post more about the greatness that is love and being a newlywed on Thursday. (It will be the last post for the Our Story series...no worries though. I think I have something else up my sleeve. ;) )

 I wanted to carry around my wonderful Nikon this weekend and get real pictures of everything, but it was rainy and tornadoey so I decided to be smart and not get it soaking wet. :) I did have my cell phone with me all weekend, however. (Come on...I can't go without that!) So, here are my instagrams as of late. Some extras that didn't make the cut too.

1. texas road house for my brother-in-law's birthday. i could eat there every night and still want more! 2. light. 3. kyle and i have been on a major asparagus kick. 4. look at that face! how can you resist?? 5. kyle surprised me with some lemonade/tea to take to work. :) 6. child like wonder. i love it. 7. neon colors, baby! 8. a lazy friday morning. 9. my hott husband and me, celebrating our anniversary. 10. chik-fil-a, our lunch of choice. 11. my favorite downtown signage. 12. feetsies. 13. oh to have more space for seats like this!! 14. one can never have too many glass bottles. 15. anniversary brunch. :)

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p.s.s. yummy recipes, real pictures, and a lovey-dovey post coming later this week!

6 comments on ".my week through instagram."

  1. happiness.is_sara4/16/12, 11:58 AM

    you guys are adorable! and i love your boat shoes:)

  2. Thank, Sara! They are probably my favorite things ever. Kyle bought them for me for Christmas. (After I only left about a million hints around the house that those are what I wanted. HA!)

  3. What do you use to make your collages?  Any tips?

    It's been rainy here too!

  4. I use photoshop...if you just click "new" then it will ask you what size you want to make. After you get the sized picked and it opened, you go to "places" and pick your picture. You can then size it and place it wherever! Hope that helps! Let me know if that was confusing! :P

  5. chik-fil-a. that is really the only picture you needed to post ;)