April 12, 2012

.our day.

The next logical step in our journey would be the night Kyle proposed to me, but since I've already shared that precious memory, I want to take you to another memory I have. One I will never, ever forget. One crazy, unexpected, hectic, lovely, perfect, beautiful memory.

Our wedding day.

Remember that day, Kyle? We had all stayed the night out at The Land hanging lights in trees, putting the finishing touches on the arch and benches you built, throwing together the 50+ bouquets that were to line the tables, putting doilies around hundreds of cupcakes, cutting logs for the bon fire, rehearsing our hand written vows, and practicing the long walk through the field to where we'd say I do. We stayed up late celebrating with our very closest family and friends. Laughing, talking, working, preparing, cherishing the moment.

That night I tossed and turned, wondering what the morning held. Smiling at the thought of being your wife. Playing, over and over, in my mind how the ceremony would be, what your face would be like when we had out "first look," what the reception would be like once all the planning finally came together. I finally drifted to sleep, after repeating my vows for the hundredth time.

As I woke up the next morning, I rushed to the window. Rain. Thunder. Grey. Clouds. Not exactly what we had in mind. I walked out of my room and was met with the sad faces of my bridesmaids and soon to be sister-in-laws. Their faces all saying what their voices couldn't. "What do we do now?"

I tried not to let it get me down, but you know I'm not very good at that. I ate a muffin and stared out the window, willing the clouds away. No luck. I closed my eyes, said a prayer of thankfulness for everything working out and that I was soon to be wife to the very best guy and I also threw in there a prayer for sunshine. I opened my eyes and smiled. God is good, even in the rainy days.

My parents walked through the door and gave me a hug. "Plan B,"  they said. We loaded up all the boxes of decorations and flowers and goodies and we headed to a nearby church. A church I had never looked inside of. This...this was our Plan B. As we were loading things up, you came walking over from the other house, and I swear my heart stopped when I saw you. How in the world did I get so lucky?? You gave me a big hug and said "today's the day!" You apologized about the rain, but you didn't seem the least bit worried. I knew I shouldn't be either. I smiled. Rain or shine, this was our day and we would end it together.

I drove the few minutes it took to get to the chapel soaking it all in. Trying to remember every word spoken to me, every smile sent my way, every butterfly in my stomach. The next few hours were a flurry of putting up tables, taking down church art, organizing food, arranging displays. What a family we have, Kyle! So many helpers...so much love.

Before I knew it, the reception was decorated to the nines and I was being told it was time to get ready. I was whisked away, powdered, and pinned. After we spent a while laughing and smiling and goofing off in front of the camera, I was being told the bridal party needed to go hide out because people were arriving. Talk about butterflies! It was finally here! I grabbed your hand and all of us headed to a nearby Sunday school room.

In that room, I took another moment to take it all in. There in that room were some of the best people I'll ever know. It was suggested that we pray. One by one each person prayed for our marriage, for the new adventure we were about to start on. Prayers for wisdom, thankfulness, and love....Even now it brings tears to my eyes. 

That is what made our wedding great, Kyle. Not the decorations, or the pretty dresses. It was the people that were surrounding us. The people who drove over an hour in the pouring rain to witness the greatest decision we'll ever make. The people who stood on stage beside us, promising to be there for us, to make sure our marriage is the best it can be. How blessed are we?

We finished up our prayers, and Pastor walked in telling us it was time. You looked at me and smiled. I grinned from ear to ear. "Let's do this," I thought.

I grabbed on to my Dad's arm and took a deep breath. He looked over at me "You ready?" I smiled and nodded. More than ready. The doors opened and we began walking down the aisle. Towards my husband. Towards you.

p.s. if you want to see photos from our day, check out this post here!

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5 comments on ".our day."

  1. Kayla Michaelson4/12/12, 2:13 PM

    You're making me cry!!

  2. Jaclyn Cage4/12/12, 7:57 PM

    Well, that just made me tear up! Beautifully written and so touching. :)

  3. We had perfect weather, but our photographer booked another wedding without telling us.  Our wedding was fine, but we were better.  I loved our wedding day :)

  4. Oh my goodness!! That is awful!! I'm glad you still love your wedding day though! That's what's important. :)

  5. Thanks, Jaclyn! Sorry I made you tear up! ;)