April 20, 2012


sometimes i eat cereal for dinner...because i may or may not be addicted and because i can.

sometimes i take naps every day of the week...because sleeping at night is for the weak.

sometimes a picture can just brighten my day....because it is me with my two favorite people.

sometimes i play board games that take five hours to play....because someone has to kill the monsters.

sometimes i sing justin beiber's "girlfriend"...because i can always use a good laugh.

sometimes i try and tickle my husband's feet....because i like a good challenge.

sometimes i wait a reeeaally long time to grocery shopping....because i hate it more than anything.

sometimes i read a book three or four times...because they are just.that.good.

sometimes i buy one, or two, or three mugs when i go shopping...because they are all cute and i can't say no.

sometimes i listen to of monsters and men really loud....because it sounds better that way.

sometimes i daydream about what our kids will be like...because i think they'll be pretty darn fantastic.

sometimes i try to paint...because i forgot how terrible at it i am.

sometimes i just want to paint my whole apartment yellow....because it really is the happiest color.

sometimes i spend all afternoon patching up my toms...because they're my favorite things.

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