April 05, 2012


I've never talked about when I told Kyle I loved him. Of all the seconds and minutes I've lived, that one is one of my top, top favorites. 

You had just gotten home from a two month trip. Although it was the longest two months of my life. It was a good time apart. A needed time apart. But, just like every season in life, it had an end. So, there we were. Back together. We were driving down a street we had driven down a million times before. I glanced over at you, like I had a million times as well. And it hit me. I love this guy

You had said you loved me months before, but for some reason I couldn't fathom, I was hesitant. I held back. So, when this thought popped in my head as we were driving along, it caught me off guard. The casual way in which I had thought it. I had always imagined that when I fell in love, it would be like a rock falling from the sky. Something I couldn't miss. 

But really it was more like when you're taking a path you have often taken. A familiar road. Maybe the road that leads home. You begin on your journey and get lost in thought and before you know it, you've reached your destination. You didn't see the signs or the stops along the way. 

Yeah...It was kind of like that.

I didn't see it coming, but once I got there, it felt familiar. It felt right

So, I sat there. Cherishing the love I felt. Thinking of how to tell you. 

You asked me if something was wrong. I smiled because I knew nothing was wrong. Far from it. Everything was, in that minute, perfect. 

I finally got up the courage to tell you what I was thinking. And you smiled because you knew it all along.

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