May 21, 2012

.mini monday + music.

Yay for another successful weekend. And by successful I mean beautiful, fun, and relaxing. A success by any means. Here's how my week/weekend took place via instagram.

1. my book list for this month. there's a few more on there, but i haven't gotten them from the library yet. :) any of you guys reading anything good? 2. i made me a basil grilled cheese and roast beef sandwich and it was goood. also, i'm addicted to netflix. 3. my car is in the shop, so i've been biking to work. i love it. 4. tall, tall trees. :) 5. i've got a thing for wooden fences. 6. park time. 7. my guy some how always gets shotgun! 8. little man has the best bobble head ever. 9. whatta cutie. 10. the sister is getting their house ready to paint & i went over and helped. 11. nothing like fresh fruit pulled from the branch. 12. fire and time of the year. 13. the other day the wind was blowing so hard, the wheat looked like an ocean. it was awesome. 14. kyle and i tried pho for the first time the other night. delicious! 15. bike riding by the river!

Also, a few weeks ago I told ya'll I was addicted to the band Of Monsters and Men. I thought it was only fair to share some of their beauty with ya'll. Enjoy. :)

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