May 07, 2012

.mini monday.

I swear this posting thing will be back to normal soon! In fact, if it doesn't thaaaann....hhhmm.....I'll give up sugar for a week.


Now it's out there and  I can't take it back. Soooo, if you know me at all. You'll know I'll start posting again.

Because. I. Love. Sugar!

This past week was city wide garage sales. I got lots of great stuff. One of which was a mini bundt pan. It makes six little wonderful bundt cakes. YESS. I know exactly which cake I'm gonna try too...You can't tell me you don't want six of these things around!

Also this week, I have three showers. Not one...not two...three. The joys of being a bridesmaid. ;) On the upside there is the whole "standing up with your friend honoring their marriage" thing....and cake...and pretty dresses. So, I'm okay with showers. :)

Kyle and I watched When Harry Met Sally tonight. Love that movie. Except for the shoulder pads. Those are a little too intense for me.

I have eaten almost an entire bag of ice pops. I lost control once I realized there were special flavors like pina colada and green apple. It's like they were trying to get me addicted!

...anyways, here are my instagrams for this week. :) If you want to get instant updates, check here.

1. i made granola for the first time. and then i devoured it. 2. summer evening at a baseball game. pretty perfect.  3. some new artwork in my bathroom. some i made, some others were awesome enough to invent. :) 4. just walkin', jumpin' in puddles. 5. this jeep was made for me...i just know it. 6. lush. 7. this is my view most wed.& thur. and i love it. 8. park times. 9. city wide garage sales. finally. 10. a shed that i want every time i walk past it. every.single.time. 11. teeny tiny yellow flowers. 12. super moon this past weekend. :)

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