May 04, 2012

p.11 home

FINALLY photo of the week! This week has been an absolute mess of a week. A lot going on with my family and a lot of Jade Street stuff and nannying stuff and being a bridesmaid stuff. Life is flying by and I'm just doing my best to hold on and keep up! How has your guys' week been? Anyone got big weekend plans? I am going to hit up the local garage sales tomorrow ( me those are big plans. don't judge.)

Anyways, this week's photo of the week is home. I was going to take pictures of my home, but I am in the process of lots of different projects/ideas for The Bungalow so I thought I'd just do that later. :)

Plus, I saw this burned down house and I thought it was perfect. It was a great reminder to me that no matter how much work and love we pour into our earthly homes they are nothing more than brick and mortar. We shouldn't focus on that, but rather on our more important home.

But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.
Matthew 6:20 niv

1 comment on "p.11 home"

  1. Alex Walker5/4/12, 6:19 PM

    Great pictures!
    My weekend plans are fun mixed with blah: haircut, work, Cinco de Mayo fun, then work again Sunday afternoon.