June 04, 2012

.one giant mini monday.

So, this past week one of my very dearest friends got married. It was an absolute crazy, beautiful week. Since I  was part of the wedding party, all of last week was dedicated to bridesmaid duties. Such as bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, getting my nails done, decorating, eating cake...those kinds of hard duties. :) (Literally I was home about five hours last week other than to sleep! With all that fun stuff, I had very little time to post!) I did however take looots of pictures and instagrammed a lot as well. ;) So, here's my favorite instagrams from the last two weeks, and I'll post my big pics later this week!

1. stopping to smell the the flowers (and breath) during my morning run. 2. my man. 3. froyo! 4. neeeoon! 5. me being me. 6. been bike riding like nobodies business. 7. driving through the country with kyle. 8. a beautiful summer sunset. 9. flingers! 10. harvey. :) 11. cinnamon sugar pita chips. i'm addicted. 12. grumpy little turtle I rain into on my walk. 13. my bouquet for kels' wedding. 14. set up for the weddin'! 15. peonies! 16. strawberry banana smoothie, a summer must! 17. my sunshine shoes. 18. heeelllo, ice cream!

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  1. I am going to take button swaps off of my blog for the summer with us moving and etc. :)  Just giving you a heads up.