July 24, 2012


This past weekend Kyle and I went to Eureka Springs with some friends (who happen to be siblings/spouses). It was a wonderful time. Relaxing, fun...just what the doctor ordered. We bbq'ed, canoed, got all dressed up and went out to eat, walked downtown and checked out all the shops. It was splendid. Seriously, weekend trips are the best. The perfect amount of time away, but not too much (at least for us home bodies. :) )

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5 comments on ".vacation."

  1. Looks like it was a blast! I should do something like that one of these days :)

  2. It was lots of fun! I spy two pictures I took in there. :-p

  3. It was lots of fun. You two should go canoeing!! You'd like it.

  4. Yesenia Albitre7/25/12, 7:17 PM

    This looks like a perfect weekend trip Julia. Fun and relaxing. Great photos :)