July 02, 2012

.life lately + mini monday.

My dad gave me a gift card for a free massage the other day. Uuumm...best dad ever? Yeah, I think so too. Not gonna lie, however, I'm a little nervous about people touching me. Anyone else with me?...no? okay...

I bought some new music today. I have been saving music into my Wish List on Amazon for quite some time, waiting until I had a few extra dollars to buy them. (I didn't buy all on my list, but I bought enough to keep me satisfied...for now. :) ) I also downloaded a lot in the free section. (YESSSS) For instance...

Send Me on My Way by Rusted Root on Grooveshark

One my sister-in-laws is pregnant! I'm gonna be an auntie! This is the first little baby from all of Kyle's siblings and all of mine. So, it's pretty exciting times around these parts.

I bought some green tea called Madam Butterfly the other day. It is heavenly.

We're majorly on the Downton Abbey bandwagon. I know we're a little late to this dance, but I'm okay with that. We love it! I may or may not have watched the first season in one day......

This morning I owned my to-do list. Just sayin'...be impressed, people.

Tomorrow we leave for The Land (Kyle's family's property) for a couple days to hang out with family and our church and blow stuff up. Should be fun. :) What are ya'll's plans for The 4th??

So...back to the point. Today is Mini Monday! So, here are a few of my many instagrams. :)

1. set-up for our one years. :) 2. a breath-taking sunset at the lake. 3. wildflowers! 4. FIREWORKS! 5. plant life. 6. cherry limeades! perfect summer drinkage. 7. be still my heart. look at that guy. :) 8. some creepy Beetlejuice like statue downtown. 9. i scream you scream we all scream for ICECREAM.

4 comments on ".life lately + mini monday."

  1. Love the pictures! that slushy-like drink looks heavenly right about now :) same goes for the ice cream, too. yum.

    xo, samantha

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Samantha! :) It's the summer time curse, I think. Everything that is unhealthy looks ten times better in swimsuit season. :P

  3. Miki DeMann7/6/12, 5:19 PM

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  4. Oh my goodness, I know!! I almost use my cell camera more than my nikon!

    I am super excited about being an aunt! Already planning on all the little things to spoil it with. Haha