July 16, 2012

.mini monday.

What a weekend! Am and I had a wedding this weekend where a bagpiper showed up. It was awesome. I have now made up my mind to join the bagpiper ranks. Plaid skirt and all.

In other news, I made Greek yogurt for the first time this weekend. New. Favorite. Thing. (except bagpipes, of course ;) ) It is so easy and delicious I want to kick myself for not making it sooner.

I spent this morning reading Kinfolk and drinking Vanilla Rooibos tea. Seriously...can it get any better?

Here is what my cell phone has to say about the matter.

1. i have a new love for glasses. allergies+contacts= nightmare. 2. is it just me, or do lists make everyone a little excited? 3. nothing like celebrating the nations birthday and our freedom than with choco muffins. seriously. 4. panera's peach smoothie will probably be the death of me...or at the very least, my budget. 5. craspedias. :) 6. my sister's giant puppy dog. 7. my favorite little crazy haired boy. 8. homemade bread! 9. the a fore mentioned bagpiper.

2 comments on ".mini monday."

  1. I am simply blog stalking. I learned the following, you can make greek yorgurt. consider my mind blown.

  2. That's how I was when I first found out. You should try it. Seriously. Amazing.