July 13, 2012


Sometimes Kyle and I like to pretend we're models. More often than not, we do not succeed.

It is FINALLY Friday. Did anyone else think it wasn't going to show this week??

I made the mistake of downloading Google Earth. Can you say addiction? "but...i need to see how our apartments look on here....and that old house we used to live in....and i have to see if i can do street view all the way from my house to mom and dads!" Please tell me this addiction will fade soon??

Last night at 11pm I got a crazy urge to cook. So I hopped out of bed, started a batch of yogurt and a batch of dough for some bread. I'm looking forward to them both immensely

The other night I had a dream of the future. I was a mother to four boys ranging from the age of a couple months old up to 7 years old. I walked through the house with a baby on my hip as the other boys ran circles around me. Kyle came home a little while later and I greeted him with a kiss and a smile as he reached out to hold our littlest. Then I woke up. I'm not going to lie, I was sad when I realized it was a dream! Now I have baby fever something bad. Help! 

Kyle and I are going canoeing with some friends next week. We are pretty darn excited. It's what's getting me through this busy week!

Uuuummm....remember, Yesenia and Elle? Well, I wrote a little blurb on each of their blogs as I am one of their sponsors. So you guys should hop on over there and here and share the love!

8 comments on ".thoughts."

  1. APrinceAndProzac7/13/12, 1:04 PM

    I really thought Friday was never going to come. Oh, and Google earth? Please don't remind me of that addiction I've been beating down. It's the best stalking tool out there, am I right?

    I'm here from Elle's blog- hi!

  2. Hope you are enjoying your weekend lady! and hi you ^^^ Love all this sharing and swapping... it's fun. Oh and you and Kyle are totally models!!! Love Elle xo

  3. Oh I am! Got to shoot a wedding yesterday and that's always fun. :) Hope you are having a splendid weekend as well...and I couldn't agree more. So glad we got to swap this month! :)

  4. Hi, there! Thanks for stopping by! And, yes! Oh man...as if facebook/instagram wasn't enough...now I can look right at people's houses! haha ;)

  5. i have this recurring dream lately where i'm in labor, have the baby and then am handed the baby.. and i can literally feel the baby in my arms. it's the craziest thing & i always wake up and am like, "nick we need to have babies now." haha so.. i know how that is.

  6. OHMYGOODNESS! That would make me so sad every morning! All the hard work and no reward!

    I try to remind Kyle that I want babies every morning...just in case he forgets. ;) We are trying to wait until he is done with school, but we'll see about that. :P

  7. Listen. I'll give you my address if you really want it. Google earth the heck out of it. Deal?