August 16, 2012


Life has been moving so fast these last couple days.
Summer is quickly vanishing.
I can taste Fall in the air, and
It makes me absolutely giddy!
So, sorry I've been a little absent.
I'm just trying to soak up
As much of the outside as possible!

4 comments on ".change."

  1. I hate the winter, but fall can't come here soon enough. It's a million degrees outside right now & I'm ready to wear scarves and cardigans.

  2. I couldn't agree more!! Fall is my favorite time of the year. I keep looking at my scarves hanging in my closet, itching to be able to wear them!!

  3. jorjiapeach8/23/12, 2:43 PM

    yesss. you can feel that change. people talking about going back to school. or summer vacations ending. i don't know if i'm ready to let go.

  4. I usually cling to summer, but where I live it has been SO HOT. Unbearably so. Which makes me grumpy. haha!