August 20, 2012

.iphone envy.

The husband recently got an iphone 4s. Up until I held one, played with one, snapped a photo with one, I was happy with my Android. I would argue with the best of 'em that they were "basically the same phone." And then it happened. One day, I grabbed Kyle's phone, took a simple picture, and that was that. Now I will never be satisfied with my simple ol' Android. (Sorry, Andy, I'm just speaking the truth.) I'm literally counting down the days until I can have one of my very own (p.s. have you seen some the cases out there!? I think I've narrowed it down to ten.)

How was your guys' weekend? Mine was spent celebrating a friend's wedding to her prince charming and celebrating my youngest little brother-in-law's 10th birthday. So, basically you can sum up this weekend in one work---CAKE. It was pretty awesome. :)

p.s. the above pic was taken with..of iphone.....*sigh*
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2 comments on ".iphone envy."

  1. hahaha you've finally seen the light :) I just got a Society 6 case and LOVE it. Its so gorgeous!

  2. Yes, I have! I'm kinda wishing I could have put off "seeing the light" until closer to the end of my contract though. Now I feel like I have a too long of a wait. Haha. ;) How did you possibly narrow it down?? They're all so cute!