August 06, 2012

.mini monday.

Time for another mini monday!!! Me and my phone are having a love/hate relationship right now. (I'm kinda in love with another phone...called the iphone. *sigh*)

This weekend was spent celebrating my lovely friend's birthday, playing cards, and making these delicious things (thanks to my sister-in-law, Kerri,...I probably gained five pounds in about two minutes!) What big plans did you guys accomplish this weekend?

1. my sis' big crazy dog, Harvey. 2. makin' some tea towels! 3. my biggest little helper. 4. sunrise from our balcony. 5. tall and skinny. 6. some baby herbs. 7. orchard picked peaches. 8. we bought a lemon tree!! 9. mustache party!

4 comments on ".mini monday."

  1. Yeah, Harvey, my green room, and I made it into mini monday! I like the lemon tree pic where you can read "Hello" on the rug. :-)

  2. all of these shots are way too perfect! you have great shots, girl!
    i think the dog is my favorite! way too funny!
    xo TJ

  3. Thanks! :) Yes, that is my sister dog...he is more like a mini horse!

  4. Why thank ya. :) You're green room always makes it into my instagram shots. haha.