August 27, 2012

.mini monday.

Wooooah! Did that weekend fly or what!? I'm still thinking it's Saturday! (It could have something to do with the fact that Kyle called in today due to an injured ankle from playing pick-up basketball last night).
I love having surprise weekdays with the husband. It's a treat.

How was your guys' weekend? Ours was filled with rain. It was awesome! We haven't had that much rain pretty much all year! Anyways, here's a little glimpse into our weekend.

1. sunsets these days have been phenominal. 2. i learned how to do a fishtail braid & i am addicted. 3. i love greeeeen. 4. another sunset. :) 5. went golfing with kyle in the sprinkling rain. 6. me and my hott guy at the zoo (also in the *pouring* rain. :) ) 

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