August 29, 2012

.rainy day at the zoo.

Saturday Kyle and I went to the zoo. It was dollar day and we figured we'd take advantage of it (so did the entire city and every other city in a 50 mile was. packed.) We were joined by my sister-in-law (the pregnant one. yay!) and her husband. It was a lot of fun (even the pouring rain was a nice addition), and we all agreed that the day was a success. :)

4 comments on ".rainy day at the zoo."

  1. Alex Walker8/29/12, 3:02 PM

    Alex & I went to the Toledo zoo on a rainy day a few weeks ago, and it was a lot of fun! I really want to go back.

  2. I love the zoo! Great pictures.

  3. Going in the rain is almost better, I think. The animals seemed to like playing in it.