August 24, 2012

.wheat belly.

Here at the bungalow, we have been trying to go as natural as possible. From throwing out cleaning products to going all organic/natural with our beauty products (still working on a few things, but we are getting there!). It's nice knowing what you're putting on and in your body. It was only natural that we would start getting concerned about our diet as well.

So, a couple months ago, Kyle read a book called Wheat Belly. Ever since then we have been toying with the idea of going gluten/wheat free with our diet. (I know we sound like crazy people, but trust me, once you read the book you'll be tempted to as well.) Plus eating fresh fruit, veggies, cheese and meat just sounds tasty, right?

I've found that thinking about giving up pasta, pancakes, yummy bread, muffins, and every other thing on my "favorite" list sounds doable; but sitting there thinking of something to make for dinner... not quite as doable. We haven't gone completely off wheat yet (we're cleaning out the pantries now); but this week we tried a cauliflower crust for our veggie pizza and we loved it! It is a baby step, but knowing I can still enjoy my pizza is definitely helping me warm up to this new arrangement.

As we embark on this new adventure, we were hoping you guys could help us out! We are so new to this whole gluten/wheat free thing, we would love any insight or tips ya'll have!! So, please let us know if you have any gluten/wheat free recipes that you love. We aren't too picky, we like simple and delicious...not too hard, right?? ;) 

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  1. Hmmmm. I'm a tad confused. Are you giving up all grains? Or just glutenous grains? If you're just giving up gluten, you can still have pancakes, bread, pizza, pasta, etc. - it will just be made from the flours of other grains (corn, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, millet). Gluten Free Goddess is a great GF blog to start with...and if baking from scratch is a bit daunting, you can always start with GF mixes at the store (Betty Crocker makes the best brownies :)

    Let me know if you're planning to give up all grains - that's a different ball game but still doable! is one of my favorite grain-free cooking sites & I've put a few recipes on my blog as well (

    So excited to see what kind of results you get from going gluten-free!

    PS - Your mom was my doula - that's how I ended up here :)

  2. We are trying to stay away from grains as much as we can, but we are going completely off of wheat. I've been looking into (and have) a few other flours (brown rice and tapioca), but they are so expensive that I don't want to use them very often!

    I will definitely be checking out your site and the other ones you shared! Thanks so much!

    That's awesome What a small world! Cynthia is actually my mother-in-law...I'm married to her son, Kyle. :) I'm also friends with Nicole and Alina Strain and I'm pretty sure you know them, right??

  3. I am so excited for you guys! You really will feel so much better when you give it up. I have a similar question, are you giving up all grains or just grains that have gluten in them? Would love for you to hop on over to my blog and check out gf recipes I have, plus we've started a weekly link up with lots of other bloggers.. I think it'd be a great online resource for you in your journey. Also, the book Cooking For Isaiah is great- she adapts loveable meals and makes them gluten free and dairy free. We love it.

  4. Also, (sorry for another comment) Bob's Red Mill is a GREEAATT place to start! They have great mixes and also some great gluten free all purpose flour. It's really helped me ease into the journey. If you guys have a Big Lots around you they are super cheap there!

  5. Thanks for stopping by...and for the info!! We need all the help we can get! :)

    We are cutting out wheat completely, but we are cutting back on all grains. We want to mainly be eating meat, cheese, veggies, and fruit....but rice and oats are okay occasionally.

  6. Yeah, I've got a couple different flours (tapioca and brown rice) from them. I am trying to stock up in case of an emergency "wheat" recipe craving. Haha

    I would have never guessed Big Lots! Thank you! I'll definitely be checking there!

  7. Hey, my boyfriend is gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant and we are always looking for new things to try. I recently found these blogs to help: My friend, Jill, has a food blog (she is gluten and lactose intolerant) that might help. I also have another friend, Dana, who does a food blog you could check out.
    Here are the links:
    Dana also did a free book that has some gluten free recipes in it:

    I hope these help you!!