September 26, 2012

.fall camping 02.

Just looking through some more pictures from our camping trip. It is so nice having a sister co-op as a best friend. Seriously. I know everyone with a sister says that, but I doubt any are as close as me and mine. (Do they all say that too? sheeeesh.) Well, I doubt there's is as willing to participate in all my crazy. (And, it's a plus that she's always willing to chop away at my hair. :) ) Love you, sista!

p.s. canoeing is wonderful. :)

6 comments on ".fall camping 02."

  1. you, too, Sis! Those other sisters out there be jealous. ;-P

    P.S. please don't make me cut your hair again. It was scary.

  2. Jenny Fugler9/26/12, 2:16 PM

    1. You're cute.
    2. I like your bangs.
    3. I have two sisters, and I concur... sisters are the greatest thing ever invented. I'm SSSSOOOO happy my two girls have each other.

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  4. um hello! Your blog is lovely. now following!

  5. Thank you, Jessica! We're glad to have ya. :)

  6. Thanks, Jenny! :) The bangs were a pretty big leap for me, but I like them now!

    Yeah, I told Kyle if the first baby is a girl we are gonna keep having them until we have another girl! ;)