October 16, 2012

.homemade apple sauce.

I love this time of year. All year I live in anticipation for the crunchy leaves littering the sidewalk, the scarves gracing necks, the hot cider warming throats and souls.  The sun is saying goodbye sooner, which draws our attentions inside. No longer is it a crime to turn on the oven in our small home, but it is a pleasure. It fills the air with much craved warmth and delicious scents. Pumpkins, apples, scones, and warm teas become regular house guests. Fires are being lit. Stories are being shared. Books that were put on the shelf in trade for the summer sunshine are finally being dusted off and shown some affection.

To bid farewell to Summer and welcome in Autumn, here is my new favorite recipe. It it divine. Enjoy!

 Homemade Apple Sauce 

6 Apples (I used 2 Honey Crisps, 3 Galas, and 1 Granny Smith)
1 TBS Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp Cinnamon

Peel, core, and slice apples (the smaller the slices, the smoother your apple sauce will be)
Place apple slices and vanilla in crock-pot and mix.
Heat on HIGH for 3 hours (ignore all temptation to open the lid and take a sniff)
After 3 hours, stir in cinnamon and mash the apples until you get the desired amount of thickness. 
Grab a spoon and enjoy. :)
This recipe makes about 4 servings.

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