October 20, 2012

.rooftop dining.

Last night we ate on my sister's roof. The air felt just right and it was calling our name. So, we grabbed some blankets and few pillows and headed on up. We watched the sun set and talked about where God has us right now and where he might lead us. I feel like God has been smacking me upside the head over and over lately with the thought, "be content."
It's so easy to keep waiting for the "next" stage in life. After Kyle finishes school, after we have babies, after we move away, after we buy a house...then I can be satisfied. But on nights like last night, I hear God saying "stop. slow down. look around you. enjoy what i have given you now." My life truly is blessed and I have so very much to be thankful for.

2 comments on ".rooftop dining."

  1. Being satisfied and living in the present can be so hard. When it's slow at work I daydream about when Alex is done with grad school, I have a good job, and we can have kids. I really want to enjoy what I'm doing now, because I know it's just one period in my life that I won't go back to once we move on.