October 02, 2012


This week has been a whirlwind.
The air is getting cooler, making our time gathered indoors more frequent.
This means all those things I kept putting off all summer (while the pool was calling my name)
need to be taken care of and crossed off the list.
I don't understand how our teeny, tiny bungalow can accumulate so. much. stuff.
But after two straight days of cleaning, organizing every nook and cranny,
And a trip or two to the Goodwill...all is now fixed and in their rightful place. :)

p.s. thursday i will be sharing our first gluten free cookie recipe. yay..?

p.s.s. i have been researching different options for photography lighting equipment for our tiny space.
I prefer natural lighting, but already the sun is setting too fast to work with. i think i've found the solution and if it all works like i'm hoping, you'll be hearing about it soon!

*photo courtesy of amber rue

1 comment on ".whirlwind."

  1. Haha, I was wondering if I took that pic and then I saw my name at the bottom. ;-) You don't have lots of stuff in your apartment--you just have a tiny apartment and the inherited ocd!

    P.S. You must save some cookes for me. I will be a non-biased judge. (haha, ya right)